Gene and Julie Pickern

Gene and Julie came to Beulah with decades of experience in pastoring churches in the Sun Belt states. They have pastored churches in Lousiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Gene recieved his Bachelors in Religion from Lousiana College and Masters in Divinity from Luther Rice University. Not only is he trained educationally, but he also went through denominational training and has recieved several certifications in areas like Continual Witness Training and Building Witnessing Relationships. 

Julie found her calling was the mission field after a mission trip to Mexico in her teens. Though her calling wasn't immedietely followed, it constantly weighed on her mind. She first went to college, married Gene, helped pastor several chruches, and started a family. 

After both Gene and Julie's children were in college, they decided it was time to enter the mission field. They were appointed to the Dominican Republic in 2001 and served as church planters in Santo Domingo. They served on the mission field and made a huge difference for nine years. In 2010, without warning, doctors found a large mass on Julie's brain stem and she was estimated to live a couple of weeks. She was put in a nursing home and though at first she felt discouraged, she trusted God through it all. Defying all odds, she miraculously recovered and was able to go back out on the mission field. 

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